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This page serves as a TODO list for future releases. Release procedures can be found in Building Releases.

Release schedule

OpenHIP 0.9 was released on March 23, 2012, with a codebase relicensed to the MIT Expat License.

We do not have a date/schedule for the next release. For those interested in the current code, browse to our sourceforge page or check out the latest code (updated 2014-04-15):

 svn checkout svn:// openhip-code

There are presently no plans for a new shim6 release.

Future plans

The focus is planned for the following items:

  • HIP-v2 support (
  • NAT traversal updating
    • both tracking the latest draft, and also changing how NAT traversal is used by the daemon
  • DHT bootstrapping
    • have HIP try to use the DHT more frequently in the background

These are really oriented towards making HIP work much more automatically no matter whether clients are behind NATs, and also to avoid the need to exchange HITs manually and allow users to more easily use HIP without editing configuration files.

Another focus is on IPv6; we've really put much of our priority on IPv4. There are some platform-specific issues with IPv6 that need remedied:

  • OS X IPv6 working
  • IPv6 user-mode linux problems with openvz virtualization
  • Windows IPv6 support still has the longstanding problem

Improved host multihoming will be looked at. Also, time permitting:

  • start to migrate platform specific code
  • memory management testing
  • Doxygen and code cleanup

Suggested Development

The following projects are encouraged to be taken up by interested developers: