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RELEASE_NOTES file within the SVN source.

Version 0.9 March 2012

The changes featured in the release are:

  • relicensed using the MIT Expat license instead of the GPLv2 license
  • enforce GNU coding style using uncrustify, include vim/emacs mode lines
  • reimplement mobile router using netfilter queue instead of libipq
  • removed GPLed header files and assembly language
  • removed outdated kernel support, libipsec, and i3 protocol code
  • removed PF_KEY thread, replacing with direct SADB calls
  • fix compilation under Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 15 (gcc 4.6.1/4.6.0)
  • added 'make check' target that launches automated testing using CORE
  • implemented RFC 4303 ESP anti-replay protection with 64-bit ESN
  • implemented experimental multihoming triggered by lost ESP seq. numbers
  • added hip.conf options for ignored_address, save_my_identities
  • for HIP_VPLS/endbox mode pass layer-2 traffic: include ethernet headers in tunnel; use hello protocol for endbox multicast election; allow default endbox for unresolvable legacy addresses
  • use pbuilder-dist and mock for building deb and RPM packages

Version 0.8 July 2011

The changes featured in the release are:

  • numerous bugfixes since the 0.7 release (see the bug tracker)
  • use IANA allocated HIP UDP port 10500 instead of 50500
  • contribution from Alexander Kiening: process RVS addresses from DNS response
  • improved mobile router to allow a mobile node behind one mobile router to connect to a mobile node behind another mobile router
  • support for mobile router double-jump
  • implement SA timeout, expiration
  • various endbox improvements
  • code to support OpenWRT compilation under ARM architecture

The deb files were built using Ubuntu 10.10, and the rpm files using Fedora 13.

Version 0.7 October 2009

The big changes are:

  • HIP now operates over UDP by default, allowing you to initiate connections from behind a NAT
  • mobility handovers between IPv4 and IPv6 now possible in the mobile router mode

Here is a list of changes with greater detail:

  • changes from 0.7_RC1 to 0.7 include fixing a shutdown bug, mobility bug, secret key issue, and not sending locator parameters in R1 messages (unless --enable-mobile-router is used)
  • cleanup of the NAT code and implementation of the nat-08 draft for HIP/ESP over UDP that shares the same port 50500; removed all STUN code and options, now uses UDP by default for IPv4
  • cleanup command-line options
  • rewrite and cleanup of registration and rendezvous code in support of RFC 5203 and RFC 5204
  • update to mobile router code to allow address family handovers when changing the MR's public address; cleanup of mobile router code, globals changed to static locals; support IPv4 in mobile router
  • update to --enable-sma-crawler=(config) option, files-based configuration library; now uses OpenSSL engine interface, removing OpenSC dependencies
  • restructure the HIP configuration library code to put common code in a base class
  • tested on Windows Vista, XP, Fedora 11, Ubuntu 9.04, CentOS 5.3, Mac OS X

Version 0.6 May 2009

This is a maintenance release that fixes several bugs, and introduces the following new code:

  • Boeing's Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA) implementation
  • Smartcard support with LDAP configuration API
  • Mobile router implementation of draft-melen-hip-mr-02.txt (Note: This is not an interoperable implementation with a draft-conformant implementation, but more of a demo-level implementation of the key features of HIP mobile router).

Note that instructions for building and configuring these new options are being developed, check this wiki (Usage) for updated information.

0.6 Supported platforms

We've tested the OpenHIP 0.6 release on these platforms:

  • Linux
    • Ubuntu 9.04 with openhip_0.6_i386.deb
    • Fedora 10 + updates with openhip-0.6-1.i386.rpm
    • CentOS 5.3 amd64 built from hip-0.6.tgz source
  • Windows
    • Windows XP SP3 with openhip-0.6-install.exe
    • we have not tested Windows Vista yet, and have reports of problems receiving data into apps
  • Mac OS X
    • Apple Macbook i386 Darwin 8.9.1 kernel built from hip-0.6.tgz source
    • Apple Powerbook PPC

0.6 RFC/draft conformance

  • RFC 5201 Host Identity Protocol (updated)
  • RFC 5202 Using the ESP Transport Format with HIP (updated)
  • RFC 5206 End-Host Mobility and Multihoming with HIP (updated)
  • draft-melen-hip-mr-02.txt (new)

Note that these drafts may be outdated, and support for these is not as well maintained in this release:

  • draft-ahrenholz-hiprg-dht-01.txt
  • draft-nikander-hiprg-hi3-00.txt
  • draft-ietf-hip-registration-00.txt
  • draft-ietf-hip-rvs-00.txt
  • draft-schmitt-hip-nat-traversal-02.txt

0.6 bug changes

These bugs have been closed with this release:

  • #1808230 missing hip.conf causes trouble
  • #2695595 openssl causes segfault under heavy client load
  • #2717273 openhip 0.5.1 interop fails w/InfraHIP HIPL implementation
  • #1464511 problems restarting service (Win XP)
  • #1689477 hipmon GUI interacts poorly with starting daemon (XP)
  • #1653438 killing hipd writes to known_host_identities
  • #1689481 Windows folder sharing performance
  • #1689478 XP performance using HIP
  • #1689468 IPsec and windows firewall with XP installation
  • #1689467 hipd crashes when laptop goes to standby
  • #1641824 behavior with missing known_host_identities.xml
  • #1689469 known_host_identities appends IDs that are already there
  • #2695529 hitgen directories problematic
  • #2769083 known host warning
  • #1679124 hip -a option doesn't work for OS X
  • #2790916 should send LOCATOR_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED notify messages

These bugs have been opened, are known issues:

  • #2763282 startup delayed with many entries in known_host_identities
  • #2763428 can't connect with IPv4 LSI after IPv6 used
  • #2765780 SAs never initiate rekey, sa_lifetime unused
  • #2769083 add warning about known_hosts_identities.xml
  • #2777680 src/linux/hip_linux_umh.c built on Mac OS X

Visit the bugtracker for more details and the latest bug status.

Version 0.5.1 June 2008

This is just a small maintenance release, for interoperability.

  • Update Protocol Number to "139" to align with published RFC 5201.
  • Add known host identities for infrahip machines
  • Fix a parameter ordering problem

Version 0.5 October 2007

This version implements the following IETF Internet Drafts:

  • draft-ietf-hip-base-09.txt
  • draft-ietf-hip-esp-06.txt
  • draft-ietf-hip-mm-05.txt
  • draft-ahrenholz-hiprg-dht-01.txt

In addition, one can follow draft-ietf-hip-applications-01 and use this implementation with legacy applications and APIs.

This version also provides (largely unmaintained) support for some earlier other HIP drafts:

  • draft-nikander-hiprg-hi3-00.txt
  • draft-ietf-hip-registration-00.txt
  • draft-ietf-hip-rvs-00.txt
  • draft-schmitt-hip-nat-traversal-02.txt