Installing the TAP-Win32 driver

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Installing the TAP-Win32 driver

Note that the steps listed here are taken care of by the OpenHIP Windows installer.

HIP for Windows uses the TAP-Win32 driver from OpenVPN to route packets destined to LSIs (1.x.x.x) to user-space, where they can be processed by the HIP service.

  • The TAP-Win32 driver can be installed by the OpenHIP installer
  • This driver comes from OpenVPN version 2.1_rc15 (or newer).
    • You can download the OpenVPN Windows installer, run it and choose to install only the TAP-Win32 driver. Version 2.1_rc15 (11/19/2008) of OpenVPN can be used to install TAP-Win32 driver version (1/22/2008) which appears as "TAP-Win32 Adapter V9".

  • The TAP-Win32 driver will be set up automatically when HIP is run.
    Note: If you already have the TAP-Win32 installed, or when you change the default Host Identity in HIP, you may need to reboot so that changes to the adapter's IP address take place. For example, if your TAP-Win32 driver were using the LSI and you modified your HIP configuration to now use the LSI, you should reboot (after running HIP briefly to make the changes).

Under Windows XP, make sure that the "IPSEC Services" service is disabled; look in Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. This will interfere with HIP's ability to receive ESP (protocol 50) packets.

Also, the Windows XP firewall or any other firewall software you may have installed must allow traffic from the program hip.exe (built later), or specifically allow protocol 99 and 50 (ESP) traffic.