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This wiki serves as the main documentation and project information page for the OpenHIP project.

Note: We have disabled the ability for users to create their own accounts due to too much spam/vandalization. If you want an account, just email one of the project developers.


OpenHIP is a free, open source implementation of the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) for use on multiple operating systems.

From the HIP base specification:

   The Host Identity Protocol (HIP) provides a rapid exchange of Host
   Identities between two hosts.  The exchange also establishes a pair
   IPsec Security Associations (SA), to be used with IPsec Encapsulated
   Security Payload (ESP).  The HIP protocol is designed to be
   resistant to Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Man-in-the-middle (MitM)
   attacks, and when used to enable ESP, provides DoS and MitM
   protection for upper layer protocols, such as TCP and UDP.

   The Host Identity Protocol introduces a new namespace, the Host
   Identity.  The effects of this change are explained in the companion
   document, the HIP architecture specification.


OpenHIP software and documentation (and newer) is licensed by the MIT/Expat license, see the LICENSE file.

OpenHIP 0.8 software and earlier was licensed by the GNU GPLv2.

Note: Our bind-9 patch is licensed as modified BSD, for compatibility with bind.


The current release is openhip-0.9 (Release Notes), available as source for OS X and Linux, and installation packages for Windows XP, rpm, and deb.

Note: Development is moving to Bitbucket openhip project for latest HIPv1 support and a new HIPv2 feature branch.

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