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The OpenHIP project is developing free, open source software implementing the experimental Host Identity Protocol (HIP).

2015-04-09: RFC 7401 and RFC 7402 have been published, moving HIP to the IETF standards track. A new OpenHIP release updating the code to the new RFCs was planned for summer 2015, but has been delayed until further notice.
2012-03-23: OpenHIP 0.9 release announced (Release Notes).
2011-07-27: OpenHIP 0.8 release announced (Release Notes).
2009-10-14: OpenHIP 0.7 release announced (Release Notes).
2009-5-28: OpenHIP 0.6 release announced (Release Notes).
2008-07-09: OpenHIP 0.5.1 maintenance release announced (aligns with RFC 5201).
2008-03-10: shim6 implementation released on Sourceforge (see Download tab). This is an initial release of shim6, as well as the start of a new HIP abstraction library.
2007-10-22: OpenHIP 0.5 released on Sourceforge (see Download tab). This is largely a maintenance release; see the detailed changelog.
2007-04-16: Revised HIP patches for Wireshark network analyzer released (including Windows installer and Ubuntu .deb binaries for i386, and shim6 support).
2007-03-21: HIP Virtual World and HIP Graphical User Interface (GUI) software released. These packages will be demoed at the IRTF HIP RG meeting on March 23, 2007. The HIP Virtual World is a customizable virtual machine allowing for testing of multiple HIP machines on a single PC (full 1GB download here). The HIP GUI (also known as "pekka") is a cross-platform implementation of a system tray utility for configuring and running HIP (Windows XP, OS X, and Linux).
2007-03-07: OpenHIP 0.4 released on Sourceforge (see Download tab). This is largely a maintenance release with a code reorganization and improved installation options (Windows installer, OS X installer with Universal Binary, Linux RPMs), and we've added Doxygen support.
2006-08-21: OpenHIP 0.3.4 released on Sourceforge. Linux IPv6 user-mode support, UDP tunneling, latest HIP IETF draft updates.
2006-05-17: OpenHIP 0.3.3 released on Sourceforge. Support for OS X, updates for Linux and Windows XP.
2006-02-06: OpenHIP 0.3.2 released on Sourceforge.
2005-11-09: OpenHIP wiki created. This should evolve to be the main documentation for this software.
2005-11-03: Version 0.3 released, featuring Linux and Windows support, and user-mode HIP (UMH) that runs entirely in Linux user-space (no need to patch your kernel).
2005-05-16: First release of HIP daemon and patches on Sourceforge.
2005-03-11: Site created.

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